Reasons Why We Do a Better Job With

Tutoring Children in Reading and Math

  1. Our program is based on teaching methods that most educators have not been aware of. It is based on major discoveries that solid scientific research has uncovered. Our school system and most other centers have not kept up with what has been scientifically established how a writing system should be taught.
  2. Scientific research guides the instruction in our program. This produces superior results when compared to other programs.
  3. The principles we use in our program are revolutionary. That is, what was believed to be possible is challenged by superior results. Learning to read and spell happens rapidly.
  4. Only a handful of reading programs use one or more of these principles. The theories, models and methods which have been used in the past and present have been based on human reasoning and fads, and not on solid scientific research. At our center you will receive the best that science has to offer, which means, you will experience rapid improvement.