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The Truth About Dyslexia

Until now, only academics and researchers have known the truth about dyslexia; that the common view of dyslexia is a myth. But now the truth is starting to get out, and many people are finding it hard to accept. It is a common view that poor reading stems from a deficit model, that is, that the difficulty lies with the student. It is the idea that there is something wrong with the brain. This is the basis that the theory of dyslexia rests upon.

The term “dyslexia.” actually has no meaning.  There is nothing scientific that is communicated by it. Students who have difficulty learning to read have dyslexia it is said, whatever the real reason for the difficulty is. It has become a catch-all term people use when they don’t know the real reason why the reading difficulty exists.

The idea that these students see the letters backwards is a myth. It has been found in countless studies that students who struggle with reading don’t see the letters backwards, that in fact, there is nothing that differentiates students who have been labeled “dyslexic” with any of the other students with reading difficulties.

The reading/writing system is very complex. Contrary to the whole language theories that were once popular, there is nothing spontaneous about the way students learn to read. The alphabet code is an unnatural system. Students do not have a natural biological propensity to learn to read.

Some students are challenged with learning to read while others don’t seem to experience this challenge.   There many possible reasons why a student has difficulty learning to read.

If students’ difficulties with reading really were due to brain damage or a deficit model, these difficulties would only at best be partially correctable, if any correction at all were possible.

Many reading programs have been created which are based on a deficit model.  Such program are recommended as remedial programs for dyslexia. These programs have been shown to be ineffective.  If there is any progress it is very slow and is usually not maintained.  The end result is that they build up in the student’s mind a self fulling prophecy of failure.

The belief in the deficit model of these programs reflect a serious misconception of the human mind. A person’s ability or inability to sing, draw or dance is recognized as human traits called talents, but when students have difficulty learning to read, people put a deficit generated label on them called dyslexia, which only makes it more difficult for children to learn to read.  These student become indoctrinated to believe in the underlying message that they have something wrong with their brain.  This belief in itself hinders their ability to overcome reading difficulties.

Despite the damaging effects that putting the dyslexic label on students causes, parents are sold out on this deficit model which much of the world has bought into.  They become greatly upset when an educator tries to tell them that their student is not dyslexic.  Students who struggle with learning to read are not seeing the letters backwards, which is the prevailing myth that people believe.

The real cause of reading difficulty will be covered on this site.  Come back later for further explanation and discovery of why students aren’t learning to read.