The American Story: Blue Tree Adventure

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Have you ever wanted to get your children interested in American history but can’t find any curriculum that is fun and interesting to read while at the same time they are learning history? This book is the answer to that problem. Readers are swept away in an exciting adventure through time where they learn about American history in an exciting way. This is an adventure that will never be forgotten.

As Breanna is walking on a mountain trail she discovers that a tragedy is happening to the world. She finds a time machine and goes back in time to the Massachusetts Bay Plantation. She makes a friend with a young girl her age in the Spotswood family, one of the leading families instrumental in the founding of the new American Republic. Breanna’s friend, Remember, tells her an extraordinary story about her family, though she doesn’t realize how exceptional her family is. Remember’s cousin, Alexander Spotswood, then one year old, would one day become the governor of the Virginia Colony.

Breanna goes to a town meeting with Remember and learns about the crisis of the day that the colonies were facing. She then goes to school with Remember, and learns about what led up the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Plantation.

To her astonishment, Breanna learns that the issues of the time of the Massachusetts Bay Plantation, are the same issues that the world is dealing with centuries later

Remember speaks about the revolution of her day, and Breanna telles her about the issues of her day. They are talking about different time frames in their conversation, yet it is clear to the reader that they don’t realize that they are speaking about different time frames.

Breanna begins to understand that every American citizen has a special mission which can only be accomplished if they understand their heritage, and they can understand their heritage only if they understand their history. As she gains an understanding of her American heritage she learns what it means to be an American.


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