Now is the Time to Give Your Child a Better Future.

If your child is struggling or is beginning to get behind, time is crucial. Your child has already lost valuable time (usually years) and can’t afford to have delayed intervention.

Don’t be fooled by false claims of other programs or people who say that your child just needs to learn special techniques that eliminate the need for tutoring, or that he/she is just immature.

The idea that you have to wait until a child is developmentally ready to learn to read is without merit. Studies show that maturity is not attributed to reading difficulties. Once a child gets behind, the deficit increases rapidly over time. This is called the Matthew Effect. If the deficit is not caught up by the 4th grade the odds are against you that your child will ever catch up.

The longer you wait for intervention, the more difficult it will be for your child to catch up. Not only do children not catch up past 4th grade, but a large percentage of them actually get worse over time. Prompt effective remediation is extremely important. It can make the difference for the rest of your child’s life.

The leading experts know that if a child does not learn to read well it will affect his/her intelligence. Less reading means lower IQ’s. less ability to read means even lower IQ’s. this is called the Mathew Effect. Dr. Keith Stanovich Explains:

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