How We Learn to Read

How We Learn to Read

Instruction That Gets Results

For years what academics and leading researchers around the world know about reading problems have not been known by teachers, and other school officials. As a result, schools have adopted ineffective reading instruction methods.

What is not well known is that most intervention programs do not produce lasting results. When students are retested months after intervention, the reported gains disappear. For example, Reading Recovery, is a popular intervention program used by many educators, which does not produce lasting results. Students lose the reported gains soon after instruction. The reason is that students are not adequately taught the reading code, that is, how it works in the context of how the mind learns.

For example, most programs incorporate whole word instruction in their programs. They teach incorrectly what they call sight words, which are not really sight words at all. These words should not be taught as sight words, that is, words from memory, they should be taught according to the logic of the reading code consistently. Whole word reading from memory is extremely inefficient, and teaches students bad habits.

Another example of the problems found in most programs today, is that they incorporate ideas such as “emergent literacy,” and “invented spelling.” These terms are mis-leading. They suggest that the reading process is an inherently acquired skill, that it is a natural process. The reality is that learning to read is unnatural, and is acquired only with explicit instruction.

Problematic ideas such as this are common in most reading programs and remedial programs on the market today. False axioms may seem harmless on the surface, but thy lead to instruction that is ineffective. If you believe that the reading skill is inherently acquired, your instruction will be adversely effected by this false assumption.

In addition, these programs are full of activities that are not critical to the acquisition of the reading skill. Therefor progress is unnecessarily much slower than it should be.

This translates not only to unnecessary expense for an unnecessarily prolonged program, but most imprtantly, a loss of critical time loss for the student.

Our program teaches students a correct understanding of the structure and logic of the reading code, and incorporates in the instruction how the mind learns. This is the underlying foundation that makes our program effective. It is why we have had such amazing results with the progress of our students.

Most reading instruction rarely improves even one area of reading ability by as much as 10 percentage points. At our center you will see dramatic improvement in a short period of time.

We guarantee a minimum of 1 year improvement in 9 months.. Most of our students improve by at least 2 years. We have seen as much as a 4 year gain in a 9 month period.

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