Excited About Reading

1. Kids enjoy being introduced to new books especially one that adds excitement such as cartoon, animal and fairytale books.

2. Read to your child on a daily basis.  This instills the habit of reading in them. Also, if your child sees you reading, they are more likely to pick up a book too.

3. Let your child use their imagination by talking to them about what could happen next, after a certain part of a story.  This not only gets the kids into the concepts of the story, but  It is a fun way to build creativity and help kids to look forward to more reading

4. Take your kids creativity to the next level.  Have them write a book about something they are interested in or about the book they just read, but change the plot and characters.  This is a great way to combine imagination, writing and storytelling skills all in one!

5. Make sure that when reading independently, your child is reading a book that is on his/her independent reading level. That means that they don’t struggle while reading. They should be able to read with ease, not encountering words that they don’t know. Independent reading is meant to practice reading words that the child already knows. Practicing reading is as important as practicing playing an instrument. It builds fluency and fosters the love of reading.

6. Take your kid to reading groups, such as the library, and youth groups.  This will not only be fun for your kids but they well be building social skills as well.

7. Explain to your kid all the benefits of reading .  This helps them value reading.

8. Reading bookmarks for kids adds a sense of enjoyment in reading. Buy one for your child or help them make one, so that they can easily find where they last left off.

No matter how difficult or stressful it can be to get your kids to enjoy reading,  a negative attitude can be changed if they are not required to struggle.  This is why it is important to pick reading materials that are not too difficult.  Always remember to stay positive and keep on encouraging.

Make sure that you have a lot of books, magazines and newspapers around and your kids will make reading an exciting hobby!

“A room without books is like a body without a soul”   Marcus Cicero