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A Better Future Learning Center is at the forefront in scientific research that is most effective for helping struggling readers improve their reading skills.  This is why our students experience rapid improvement.

Is Your Child Frustrated at School?  See video below to learn how our tutoring program helps struggling readers to:

              1. gain 2-4 years quickly.

               2. bring D and F grades up to A’s and B’s.

               3. lose labels (except the genius label).

               4. gain confidence.


Eight Ideas to Get Your Child Excited About Reading   here

 Diane McGuiness explains about the most effective way to teach and learn how to read, through Synthetic Phonics.

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The Truth About Learning to Read

There are a lot of misconceptions about learning to read that are predominant among parents and even teachers. Many parents wake up one morning to find out that their child is struggling with reading.

They can’t understand it, it was not long ago that Johnny was reading at the top of his class. Not only that, he scored so high on his standardized test. How could this happen? Sure, he was beginning to slow down a little at second grade, but he was still at the top of his class. How could everything fall apart in such a short period of time? More

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When the book “Why Johnny Can’t Read” came out, phonics instruction was all the rage. Then when phonics instruction failed many people became frustrated.  We have informative articles that explain the problems and the solutions.  Visit us often for further updates and tips for struggling readers.